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Батерија за ACER Acer Aspire 1830 1830T 1830TZ 1830Z - AL10C31 AL10D56

Батерија за лаптоп ACER Acer Aspire 1830, Aspire 1830T, Aspire 1830TZ, Aspire 1830Z, Aspire one 721,
Aspire one 753 Series
(PN) AL10C31, AL10D56
11.1V, 4400mAh/49Wh

1.899,00 ден 1.899,00 ден 1899.0 MKD AC10C

1.540,06 ден

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Компатибилни ознаки на батеријата:

AK.006BT.073 AL10C31 AL10D56 BT.00603.113 BT.00605.064 LC.BTP00.130


Компатибилни лаптоп модели

Aspire 1425p Aspire 1430 Aspire 1430Z
Aspire 1430Z-4677 Aspire 1551 Aspire 1830
Aspire 1830T Aspire 1830T-3505 Aspire 1830T-3721 Aspire 1830T-3730 Aspire 1830T-3927 Aspire 1830T-5432G50nssb Aspire 1830T-68U118 Aspire 1830T-7618 Aspire 1830TZ Aspire 1830TZ-4393 Aspire 1830TZ-U542G50nssa Aspire 1830TZ-U544G32n Aspire 1830TZ-U544G50n Aspire 1830Z

Aspire One 1551

Aspire One 721 Aspire One 721-122cc_W7632 Chocolat Aspire One 721-122ki_W7632 Noir Aspire One 721-3070 Aspire One 721-3574 Aspire One 721h
Aspire One 753 Aspire One 753-N32C/K Aspire One 753-N32C/KF Aspire One 753-N32C/S Aspire One 753-N32C/SF Aspire One 753-U342cc_W7625 Chocolat Aspire One 753-U342ki_W7625 Noir Aspire One 753-U342ss Aspire One 753-U342ss01 

Aspire One AO721 Aspire One AO721h Aspire One AO753

Aspire TimelineX 1830T Series

Specifications for Батерија за ACER Acer Aspire 1830 1830T 1830TZ 1830Z - AL10C31 AL10D56

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