Батерија Green Cell за HP 550 610 HP Compaq 6720s 6820s / 11,1V 4400mAh

Green Cell Батерија за лаптоп HP Compaq 610, HP Compaq 615, HP Compaq 6720S, HP Compaq 6730S, HP Compaq 6735S, HP Compaq 6700s, HP Compaq 6720, HP Compaq 6800
Капацитет: 4400 mAh; Напон: 10.8V (11.1V); Број на ќелии: 6

2.500,00 ден 2.500,00 ден 2500.0 MKD GCL.HP08

2.118,64 ден

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Green Cell GCL.HP08 GCL.HP08
Green Cell

Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
Испорака за еден ден!

Compatible with following devices : 
HP 550,HP Compaq 610,HP Compaq 615,HP Compaq 6720S,HP Compaq 6730S,HP Compaq 6735S,HP Compaq 6700s,HP Compaq 6720,HP Compaq 6800,HP Compaq 6800s,HP Compaq 6820,HP Compaq 6820s,HP Compaq 6830,HP Compaq 6830s,HP Compaq 6835s,Compaq 600,Compaq 610,Compaq 615,Compaq 6730s,Compaq 6735s,Compaq 6830s,HP 610,HP 615,HP Compaq 550
Compatible with following battery models :
451085-121,451085-141,451085-142,451085-361,451085-621,451085-661,451086-001,451086-121,451086-122,451086-141,451086-142,451086-161,451086-162,451086-322,451086-361,451086-362,451086-421,451086-621,451086-661,451568-001,456664-001,456864-001,456865-001,464119-142,464119-143,464119-162,464119-361,464119-362,464119-363,484787-001,490306-001,491278-001,491279-001,491654-001,491657-001,496897-001,500764-001,500765-001,501870-001,572187-001,572188-001,572190-001,572191-001,DD06,DD08,DD08063,GJ655AA,HSTNN-139C,HSTNN-154C,HSTNN-FB51,HSTNN-FB52,HSTNN-I39C,HSTNN-I40C,HSTNN-I48C,HSTNN-I48C-A,HSTNN-I48C-B,HSTNN-I49C,HSTNN-I50C,HSTNN-I50C-B,HSTNN-I54C,HSTNN-I64C,HSTNN-I64C-5,HSTNN-I65C,HSTNN-I65C-5,HSTNN-IB51,HSTNN-IB52,HSTNN-IB55,HSTNN-IB62,HSTNN-L54C,HSTNN-LB51,HSTNN-LB52,HSTNN-OB51,HSTNN-OB52,HSTNN-OB62,HSTNN-XB51,HSTNN-XB52,HSTNN-XB62,KH386AV,KU532AA,KU532AAR,NA823ES,NBP6A96,NBP8A97,GJ655AA#ABH ;
Capacity: 4400 mAh;
Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V);
Number of cells: 6;
Cells technology: Li-Ion;
Colour: Black;
Overdischarge protection: Yes;
Overcharge protection: Yes;
Size: 267x61x21mm;
Weight: 320g ;

Specifications for Батерија Green Cell за HP 550 610 HP Compaq 6720s 6820s / 11,1V 4400mAh

Laptop Batteries
Гаранција 12 meseci
Kapacitet 4400mAh
Punjači za mobilni
Napon 10.8V (11.1V)
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