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Батерија за IBM R400, Lenovo T400 T61 R61 42T5229

Батерија за лаптоп IBM i Lenovo ThinkPad R400, T400, T61 - 14.1" Widescreen

1.799,00 ден 1.799,00 ден 1799.0 MKD LT400

1.100,04 ден

  • Garancija
  • Kapacitet

This combination does not exist.

Додади во корпа

LT400 LT400

Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
Испорака за еден ден!

Компатибилни лаптоп модели

IBM Thinkpad R400

IBM ThinkPad R400 7443
ThinkPad R400 (14-inch wide)
ThinkPad R400 7443
ThinkPad R61 (14.1" widescreen)
ThinkPad R61 7732
ThinkPad R61 7733
ThinkPad R61 7734
ThinkPad R61 7735
ThinkPad R61 7736
ThinkPad R61 7737
ThinkPad R61 7738
ThinkPad R61 7742
ThinkPad R61 7743
ThinkPad R61 7744
ThinkPad R61 7751
ThinkPad R61 7753
ThinkPad R61 7754
ThinkPad R61 7755
ThinkPad R61e
ThinkPad R61i (14.1" widescreen)
ThinkPad R61i 7732
ThinkPad R61i 7742
ThinkPad R61i Series(14-inch wide)

Lenovo ThinkPad R400
Lenovo ThinkPad T400
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 2764
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 6473
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 7417
Lenovo ThinkPad T61 14.1" Widescreen
ThinkPad T61 (14.1" widescreen)
ThinkPad T61 1959
ThinkPad T61 6377
ThinkPad T61 6378
ThinkPad T61 6379
ThinkPad T61 6480
ThinkPad T61 6481
ThinkPad T61 7658
ThinkPad T61 7659
ThinkPad T61 7660
ThinkPad T61 7661
ThinkPad T61 7662
ThinkPad T61 7663
ThinkPad T61 7664
ThinkPad T61 7665
ThinkPad T61 Series(14-inch wide)
ThinkPad T61p (14.1" widescreen)
ThinkPad T61u (14.1” widescreen)

Компатибилни ознаки на батеријата:

41U3198 41U3197 41U3196 43R2499 42T5229 42T5229 42T4530 42T4531 42T4532 42T4533 42T4547 42T4548 42T4552 42T4644 42T4645 42T4652 42T4653 42T5225 42T5226 42T5227 42T5228 42T5229 42T5230 42T5262 42T5263 42T5264 42T5265 42T4528 42T4529 42T4530 42T4531 42T4533 42T4546 42T4547 42T4548 42T4549 42T4552 42T4554 42T4555 42T4668 42T4677 42T4743 42T4744 42T5225 42T5226 42T5227 42T5228 42T5230 42T5232 42T5255 42T5262 42T5263 42T5264 42T5265 43R2499 45J7969 Battery 33 Battery 33+

Specifications for Батерија за IBM R400, Lenovo T400 T61 R61 42T5229

Garancija 6 meseci
Kapacitet 4400mAh
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