Полнач NRG+ за HP Pavilion SleekBook 19.5V 3.33A 4.8*1.7

NRG+ заменски полнач за лаптоп HP Pavilion SleekBook 15 - 65W, 4.8x1.7mm конектор

750,00 ден 750,00 ден 750.0 MKD

527,77 ден

  • Конектор
  • Напон
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  • Jačina struje
  • Laptop brendovi

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Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
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Компатибилни модели*

HP Pavilion SleekBook:

  • 14-b000ed, 14-b000ee, 14-b000ei, 14-b000eo, 14-b000et, 14-b001ea, 14-b001eia, 14-b001tx, 14-b002tx, 14-b004tu, 14-b005au, 14-b006au, 14-b007au, 14-b008au, 14-b009au, 14-b009tu, 14-b010au, 14-b010us, 14-b012au, 14-b013au, 14-b014au, 14-b014tu, 14-b015au, 14-b015dx, 14-b022au, 14-b023tx, 14-b024tu, 14-b025tu, 14-b028au, 14-b028tu, 14-b030tu, 14-b031tu, 14-b034tu, 14-b035tu, 14-b038tu, 14-b043tu, 14-b062la, CTO 14z-b000, 14-b015dx, ENVPR4 i5-3317U, SpectreXT Pro i5-3317U, SpectreXT Pro i5-3337U, SpectreXT Pro i5-3567U, SpectreXT Pro i7-3537U

HP Envy 4 SleekBook/UltraBook:

  • 4-1005XX, 4-1043CL, 4-1004TU, 4-1025TU, 4-1026TU, 4-1028TU, 4-1029TU, 4-1030TU, 4-1031TU, 4-1032TU, 4-1032TX, 4-1033TX, 4-1034TX, 4-1035TX, 4-1036TX, 4-1037TX, 4-1038TX, 4-1043TU, 4-1044TU, 4-1045TU, 4-1046TU, 4-1047TU, 4-1048TU, 4-1049TU, 4-1050BR, 4-1050TU, 4-1051TU, 4-1051TX, 4-1052TU, 4-1052TX, 4-1053TU, 4-1053TX, 4-1054TU, 4-1054TX, 4-1055TU, 4-1055TX, 4-1056TX, 4-1057TX, 4-1058TX, 4-1059TX, 4-1060TX, 4-1061TX, 4-1062TX, 4-1063TX, 4-1064TX, 4-1066TX, 4-1101TU, 4-1102TU, 4-1102TX, 4-1103TU, 4-1103TX, 4-1104TU, 4-1104TX, 4-1105DX, 4-1105TU, 4-1105TX, 4-1106TX, 4-1107TU, 4-1107TX, 4-1108TU, 4-1108TX, 4-1109TU, 4-1109TX, 4-1110TU, 4-1110TX, 4-1110US, 4-1111TX, 4-1115DX, 4-1117NR, 4-1130US, 4-1150br, 4-1150la, 4-1152la, 4-1155la, 4-1115DX/i5-3317U, 4-1010US, 4-1015DX, 4-1016NR, 4-1017NR, 4-1019WM, 4-1030CA, 4-1030US, 4-1038NR, 4-1050CA, 4-1065TX, 4-1195CA, 4T-1000

Envy 6 SleekBook/UltraBook:

  • 6-1002TU, 6-1007TX, 6-1008TX, 6-1010US, 6-1011NR, 6-1011TU, 6-1012TU, 6-1013TU, 6-1013TX, 6-1014NR, 6-1014TU, 6-1015NR, 6-1015TU, 6-1015TX, 6-1016TU, 6-1017CL, 6-1017TU, 6-1017TX, 6-1018TU, 6-1018TX, 6-1019NR, 6-1019TU, 6-1019TX, 6-1020TU, 6-1021NR, 6-1021TU, 6-1022TU, 6-1022TX, 6-1023TX, 6-1024TU, 6-1024TX, 6-1025TU, 6-1025TX, 6-1026TU, 6-1040CA, 6-1047CL, 6-1048CA, 6-1083CA, 6-1101TU, 6-1101TX, 6-1102TU, 6-1102TX, 6-1103TX, 6-1110US, 6-1111nr, 6-1129WM, 6-1131NR, 6-1140CA, 6-1146NR, 6-1168CA, 6-1180CA, 6T-1000, 6Z-1000, Pro4 i5-3317U, SPECTREXT 13-2050NR, SPECTREXT 13-2057NR, SPECTREXT 13-2095CA, SPECTREXT 13-2150NR, SPECTREXT 13T-2000

*Lista kompatibilnih modela nije konačna.

Компатибилни ознаки:

613149-001, 677770-003 693715–001, DL606A#ABA, PPP009D, 677770-003, 613149-003, ADP-65HB FC,67770-002 

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