Полнач NRG+ за LENOVO G500 G700 T440 20V 4.5A Square Pin

NRG+ Заменски полнач за лаптоп LENOVO, 20V 90W Square Pin

849,00 ден 849,00 ден 849.0 MKD NRG.Q90

719,49 ден

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  • Напон
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Kompatibilni modeli:


  • Thinkpad Edge E431, Thinkpad E440, Thinkpad E455, Thinkpad E531, Thinkpad E540, Thinkpad E545, Thinkpad E550, Thinkpad L440, Thinkpad L450, Thinkpad L540, Thinkpad T431s, Thinkpad T440, Thinkpad T440p Dual Core, Thinkpad T440s, Thinkpad T450, Thinkpad T460, Thinkpad T460s, Thinkpad T450s, Thinkpad T540p Dual Core, Thinkpad T550, Thinkpad W550s, Thinkpad X1 Carbon, X1 Carbon 2016, X1 Yoga, Thinkpad X240, Thinkpad X250, Thinkpad X260, Thinkpad Yoga 11E, Yoga 14, Yoga 15, Lenovo Thinkpad Helix, Thinkpad G500, Thinkpad G505, Thinkpad G510, Thinkpad G700

Компатибилни ознаки:

36200124, 36200253, 36200287 36200291, 45N0261, 45N0265, 45N0266, 45N0267, 45N0278, 45N0319, 45N0320, ADLX65NLC2A, ADP-65XB A, PA-1650-37LC, PA-1650-72, 0B46995, 0B46996, 0B46997, 0B46998, 0B46999, 0B47000, 0B47001, 0B47002, 0B47003, 0B47004, 0B47005, 0B47006, 0B47007, 0B47009, 0A36258, 0A36259, 0A36260, 0A36261, 0A36262, 0A36263, 0A36264, 0A36265, 0A36266, 0A36267, 0A36268, 0A36269, 0A36270, 0A36271, 0A36272, 0A36273, 45N0251 45N0252 45N0254, 45N0256, 45N0258, 45N0260, 45N0262, 45N0264, 45N0326, 45N0328, 59340248, 45N0253, 0B46994, 0B47008, 112012-11, 36200235, 36200236, 36200237, 36200252, 36200254, 36200298, 45N0235, 45N0236, 45N0237, 45N0238, 45N0239, 45N0240, 45N0245, 45N0246, 45N0249, 45N0250, 45N0305, 45N0306, 45N0309, 45N0310, ADLX90NCC3A, ADLX90NCT3A, ADLX90NDC3A, ADLX90NLC3A, ADLX90NLT3, ADLX90NLT3A, PA-1900-72




Specifications for Полнач NRG+ за LENOVO G500 G700 T440 20V 4.5A Square Pin

Конектор LeSq
Напон 20V
Моќност 90W
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